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TOD 3 BUS TRIP [29 Jun 2004|09:25am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Here is the thing Llakor hooked up.

A bus trip to Smyrna including tickets to the event will be $125 (Canadian).
That would imply leaving on Friday evening, arriving in Smyrna in the early morning and returning to Montreal after the show finished on Saturday night arriving back in Montreal on Sunday Morning.

Each bus holds fifty people.
So, if I am going to book a bus I need the commitment of 49 people.
If 49 people sign up, I will book one bus, if we have another fifty people I will book a second bus and so on.

In terms of Ottawa, there is some kind of weird bus company no-compete thing with Hull/Ottawa, so they won't start in Hull/Ottawa or go to Hull/Ottawa on the way. So, I don't know if you guys will want to drive up to Montreal or not.

In terms of signing up, I will need money to pay for the tickets and bus. So if you want to guarantee your spot, you can send me money by paypal to llakor@hotmail.com

If you can't pay by paypal, please let me know and we'll work something out.

(I will be at Grizzly's show on Friday for people that want to guarantee their place.)

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Errrrrrrrrr...Wierd Week [22 May 2004|01:57am]

[ mood | confused ]

Okay, Ive had the weirdest week...

First off, I had maybe the best matches of my short career... both against Kevin Steen.
One of only 8 mins... almost picture perfect in MWF
And a 15 minute match were I die, in CPW.

I also went to watch Kill Bill 2 with Mike, Lee and James. It was bleh:\ No gore

and then came the bad news, I have heard that ive been kicked off the CPW cards:\ I dunno if its a rumor or not... but I wouldnt know why:S

Its late, im off

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WOW! [11 May 2004|09:54pm]

Well... I know team Anglo...and hopefully Mtrl will like this... but my matches are confirmed

FRIDAY 14th of May...MWF in Valley field
SATURDAY 15th of May... CPW at the CPW arena...

ME Vs. *drumrole*


yes, on both nights, I will be facing Mr. Wrestling... show up, or die!
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im back [09 May 2004|10:16pm]

[ mood | tired ]

CWA Thoughts:

Tag Team Elimination Match - 2.0 VS Sweetest Thing vs Twin Terrors vs Red Hot Jimmy & Christopher Wells w/ Vanessa Kraven

it actually wasn't a cluster fuck, but the thing that was missing from the match...psychology and SELLING. it was decent and cant wait for the twin terrors to come to CPW next week.

Sunny War Cloud vs Professor Adib Mansour

as LEE said, CHOP chop chop double chop....match was bad because sunny is an old winbag with a mohawk nut

"MVP" Michael Von Payton & Misty Havens vs Hot Show & Moonlight

MVP was injured, but did very well, hot show, who was at the EWR show we all saw, did pretty good, misty did well also and it showed that moonlight was in her 2nd pro match.......although she looks nice ;)

Brick Crawford vs Paranoid Jake Mattews w/ Lollipop

Brick fucking sucks and for 40 some odd minutes, made jake mathews work as hard as he could to pull something worth watching, unfortunately Brick really bored the fuck out of me, BEER BREAK.

Lufisto vs Reno (Street fight)

no psychology, clusterfuck hardcore match.Reno is obviously not a hardcore wrestler at all and ran from a lot fo the shit he was supposed to have taken. the only thing I marked out for was the neons.....no not because i havent seen any in a while, but because I broght those form Ottawa for CWA to use.......last year.

Shayne Hawk vs Jaguar

Match of the night and it only went about 4 minutes.


Vegas had a hard time doing his moves, off night i bet. it was an ok match though.

OK now for the fun stuff. started on the road when we dfrove up beside non other than bastien boogers daughter......seriously. she seemed very cool and after she wiped herself off, breahted easier.

got into town and me, rob, cj's wife, voice and lee went to harveys. Lee fucking lost it and began throwing trays at people.

went back to CWa and me, rob and cj's wife bought $7 pitchers.....then 8pm came around and it jumped to $12.50 pitchers. meh I got free beer later in the show anyway. Jag, Dean sat with us, then coach Z (cool kid) and drew carey came over and we had some fun with that. MORE BEER, then FOD came over and just came in to say hello to us, obvously very happy to see us all. well im tired, im sure we will all talk aboutt he trip this week at CPW, see you then.

later days

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Team anglo Live Journal Dead? [09 May 2004|07:54pm]

Looks like it you filthy assholes.
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Much needed update. [30 Apr 2004|11:32pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Well as most people now know... Im sortof grounded.
The original idea was no internet and no wrestling shows (except CPWs)... then my mom went on a mad rampage and changed it to no internet, no Outside wrestling, no training, no going out, basicly no fun... and then I got her on a good day, and turned it into no staying nights anywhere, no wrestling in montreal (except MWF on the 14th) and no going out for 2 weeks. BIG improvement.

anywho... lets see what I have not mentioned


Ill keep this short and simple... You guys suck, if your going to advertise about a show, make it sure it happens cocktrumpets.

Battle at the Bar 2

the re-debut of Kid Supreme, one of my friends. I have to admit that I was amazed by his match... for someone who has been telling everyone he isn't ready, I found he did an excellent match! Anywho, this show was the best show ive been too... well, not for the wrestling... but for the fun we had

1. Team anglo's constant heckling... among many great chants such as
"Bastard Son!"
"Roy is chinese"
"Your all balls"
"Spider balls"
"WHERE's JT!?"

2. Making everyone dance...from Gino Brito to the Voice to JJ.

3. Gino doing the shocker! OMG!!!!

4. Old ladies grabbing my ass:| please... away from me.

5. 8Ball slurping up spagheeti in his nose.

6. KRIS! KRIIIIIIS! KRIIIIIIISSS! You are fucking fun.

7. Simply Mike.

8. Dancing gay with Kris.

These are among the many things that have made my night.


Well... I got a crappy report card... been called Sexy far 2 many times... been asked to give kisses to people when I enter the ring... Ive also been trying to get myself booked for the MWF show on the 14th, in Valleyfield. Ive worked for them once, and it was loads of fun.

Anywho... here are the latest dates if youd like to see Uno...

MAY 1st
"The Freak" Zakk Manson & Player Uno VS. "Mr. Know It All" Shawn Demers & Kid Supreme

May 14th

CPW (CPW arena)

Thats all!!

-YuNo- (as CPW fans would pronounce it

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Reply..... [30 Apr 2004|09:02am]

[ mood | devious ]

Lord Nova is a Wrestler????

Player uno's name is NICH?



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worried for this weekend [29 Apr 2004|06:04pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Hey people
i'm in the middle of a bit of a dilemma,
I really want to wrestle this weekend but my wrist isn't a 100% yet, Hell in fact if i was to put it somewhere i would probably put it around 55 to 60% TOPS.

I'm trying to reason with myself to not do it but my i'm loosing the battle i think.

So basically i'm asking should i wrestle? or not?


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[27 Apr 2004|05:37pm]

"yo rotchy,
If the team anglo is commin to 2mo for the tournament I can hook you guys up with a place to crash. So you can party and drive home the next day. Get back to me. joey"

Are we in?!


Yo Mike, just decided to put your LJ entry here too just incase some dont see it on yours. You know im in for this show! What is the date for this anyway?
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Tomorrow [25 Apr 2004|02:46am]

Well boys and girls its official i'm no longer going up against Super Dave...I'm fucking stuck in the main event with the Bleeding wonder and Tonto...in a two VS one.
I'm not sure at all about this as i have slightly injured my left wrist at the fucking shitty ass tv tapping, but i'll give it all i have, still i'm nervous working with two old fogeys whom i think can't really work anymore.

Should be fun afterwards though Party time Spaghetti stylewith the boys !!

Peace out bitches

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[24 Apr 2004|11:22am]

Today is the day for some fun I think, I am going to be doing some funny shit today and I want it to be filmed for whatever reason. Oh yeah and i am going to be drinking all day, so you know thats a good reason to have some fun. Oh yeah and it will be better for chanting shit later at the indy show.

Let the fun begin, Anglo Style!!!
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Junk & Jank [24 Apr 2004|09:14am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Since this is my 1st post on this thing called "Team Anglo" , I feel kinda loved & hated at the same time....
Swear bears beforwarned...
Your momma's are MILFS & your daddy's are Elvis impersonaters
~End Transmission!~
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[23 Apr 2004|04:52pm]

Good news S3, and yeah that chick was a pain in the fucking ass. Should have left here there in Montreal. Anyway I guess I'll be seeing all the boys tommorow for that show off of uplands drive. should be good.....well to be with the guys and you know i'll have a few good chants for that show. BATB2 seems to be getting beter and better, sweet cherry wont be there, so thats very good.....I still dont like the whole Sunny War Cloud thing, but I'll wait to see his reaction to the air horn! lol. gtg

oh BTW, the Dave chappele show is "HIGH-LARRY-OUS"
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SURPRISE, SURPRISE........ [23 Apr 2004|12:19am]

[ mood | LIKE A MF'ER ]

Yo, Anglonites, Rotch and i will have a surprise in the next couple of days/week(s), sooner than later for sure, but i asure you guys will like it.


Ps: Don't ask me or Mike, we WILL Lie to you.

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weekend [19 Apr 2004|05:57pm]

So much to tell...


Yup, Friday was the MWF show. And it goes like this, I getout of school at 12h30 and head to Mike's place to meet him and CJ. Get there all good and proceed to give kids the time of they're lives as Uno. Fun!

We leave... stop at Tim Horton's (again CJ:| ) and get into Lachute... we end up turning in cercles to find the goddamn place. Enter the highschool, and there's Twiggy and Juan. Great guys!

Fast Foward all of that!

Notes : Darren Knife is a fag.
Damian finally knows who Player Uno is.
Trip 2 Night loves me
The MWF were class acts as CJ would say

Where into the match, and damn! People love the Twigster (it's his hometown). We all go into a dancing contest, and well... I shoulda won cauz' dammit, I owned Twiggy and Juan at dancing.
Match went real well... forgot a spot:\ but quickly covered it up! Working Juan and Eddy was great! Eddy was real easy to work with, and Juan... wish I had worked him more, cauz' we didn't get to do much.

I rate my match... a 3.5/5! A spotfest, but a good one.


Work blew the cock.


Im at the CPW arena working on stuff with Simmons... MVP is a great guy, it sucks that he's injured:(

Into the match, lots of forgotten spots... but lot of sick spots 2:|

I rate the match a 4/5. A spotfest again... no psychology, but worth it because of the sick spots...


Sunday just blatently sucked.

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[14 Apr 2004|11:56pm]

[ mood | sick ]

first off, good luck buddy at the MWF show. I wish I could go, but as of right now, I feel pretty ill and I'de rather make sure I will be back at 100% for CPW. That pretty much anwered your question to Mike, I have been sick for 2 days now and have no apatite(sp) WTF right?

Dude that is some funny shit on that link, but c'mon retarded animals? not my style. Although "dog legs" is thanks to the man beast, TKW. I'll check up in a few, so relax dingus

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Wake up! [13 Apr 2004|09:22pm]

[ mood | bored ]


Anywho, come check me out at MWF on friday... and at CPW on saturday, I'll try to deliver the merchandise!






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[13 Apr 2004|12:58am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey S3, glad to see you still love this Anglo shit! When you coming back up here? Mike, Matt, whoever that filmed Violent Ray and Joey dancing and playing air guitar, when will that be up online? That was GOLD!

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EWR Revolution 1.0 [11 Apr 2004|09:03pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I got a drive to Rotch's ghetto. I went to the Dairy Queen that I met him at last time. Giving him a call, he said that Matt would come get me. Well I waited about 20 seconds(literally), 'cause I ain't standing around by myself. I had a good idea which house it was. I knew it was the one with the spray painted fence. I just walked in the back and knocked on the door. Met with Mike, Popo and CJ in the front, while we waited for Gerry and Matt to come back.

I had to sit in the front between CJ and Gerry. Now being the fucking tall bastard that I am, it was extremely uncomfortable. I don't why the fuck I sat there, I'm taller than Gerry, I need more room than him. Oh well.

Fast forward a whole lot.. to yelling at Random people in a Tim Horton's parking lot. Mike kept yelling "My vagina is fucking hairy." Or something like that. It was damn funny.

We had to meet up with Sebastien in Three Rivers. Once we found the fucking place, we went to SAW(Slam Angels Wrestling) training facility. The ring had a good sound to it. I won't comment about the way they bumped, 'cause I've never trained.

I bought a ton of tapes at the show. I bought one, that I watched a bit so far. EWR Road to Glory. The sound is absolute shit, the camera angle is really bad, far from the ring, and it's only one angle. It is a FUCKING RIP OFF. I can't even see the wrestlers faces, I can't hear the ring announcer, a lot of missed shit. Fuck I'm piss. If the other tapes I bought are poor quality(poor sound) I'll punch Wrestleholic in the fucking throat!

Steen vs Daniels was incredible. The crowd was tremedous. They were split between cheering for Daniels and cheering for Steen. Being in that crowd and watching that match.. wow. It was worth the twelve hours of driving.

The TLC Match was disguisting. Brutal. It was awesome, but really really really long. I loved it though. That Sanders fuck is nuts. Probably retarded.

I am dead tired, but it was all worth it.

Later biatches.

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WOW [12 Apr 2004|02:29am]

[ mood | happy ]

Ottawa to Quebec City, crammed in a car for 6 1/2 hours for the EWR show where our good friend, Kevin Steen, was about to have the match of his life against Christopher Daniels. We headed on the road to show him our full support and to tell you the truth, this match lived up to and surpassed anything I actually expected. Match of the Year? Quite easily.

The card looked good on paper and well, didn't live up to expectations at all. Too many high spots in places where you didn't expect them to be, almost as if everyone was trying way to hard, and fucked a lot of things up. And what was "Eric Bischof" thinking when he swept the legs out from under El Generico when he went for springboard moonsault? Talk about being a careless fuck! Another dissapointment was that no gravity match.......no, IMO it was full of gravity, as these two idiots ran matt work for the most part. The TLC match was pretty good, very sick spots, but it took a while to set it all up, but hey, it was still pretty good. But with all that behind us, Steen vs Daniels made my trip worth while. I'm sure if you visit the boards, anyone who was there will say that this one match,this 5 star match, was worth everything that night. To put it in one word, WOW.

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