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Here is the thing Llakor hooked up.

A bus trip to Smyrna including tickets to the event will be $125 (Canadian).
That would imply leaving on Friday evening, arriving in Smyrna in the early morning and returning to Montreal after the show finished on Saturday night arriving back in Montreal on Sunday Morning.

Each bus holds fifty people.
So, if I am going to book a bus I need the commitment of 49 people.
If 49 people sign up, I will book one bus, if we have another fifty people I will book a second bus and so on.

In terms of Ottawa, there is some kind of weird bus company no-compete thing with Hull/Ottawa, so they won't start in Hull/Ottawa or go to Hull/Ottawa on the way. So, I don't know if you guys will want to drive up to Montreal or not.

In terms of signing up, I will need money to pay for the tickets and bus. So if you want to guarantee your spot, you can send me money by paypal to

If you can't pay by paypal, please let me know and we'll work something out.

(I will be at Grizzly's show on Friday for people that want to guarantee their place.)
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