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Ottawa to Quebec City, crammed in a car for 6 1/2 hours for the EWR show where our good friend, Kevin Steen, was about to have the match of his life against Christopher Daniels. We headed on the road to show him our full support and to tell you the truth, this match lived up to and surpassed anything I actually expected. Match of the Year? Quite easily.

The card looked good on paper and well, didn't live up to expectations at all. Too many high spots in places where you didn't expect them to be, almost as if everyone was trying way to hard, and fucked a lot of things up. And what was "Eric Bischof" thinking when he swept the legs out from under El Generico when he went for springboard moonsault? Talk about being a careless fuck! Another dissapointment was that no gravity, IMO it was full of gravity, as these two idiots ran matt work for the most part. The TLC match was pretty good, very sick spots, but it took a while to set it all up, but hey, it was still pretty good. But with all that behind us, Steen vs Daniels made my trip worth while. I'm sure if you visit the boards, anyone who was there will say that this one match,this 5 star match, was worth everything that night. To put it in one word, WOW.
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