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EWR Revolution 1.0

I got a drive to Rotch's ghetto. I went to the Dairy Queen that I met him at last time. Giving him a call, he said that Matt would come get me. Well I waited about 20 seconds(literally), 'cause I ain't standing around by myself. I had a good idea which house it was. I knew it was the one with the spray painted fence. I just walked in the back and knocked on the door. Met with Mike, Popo and CJ in the front, while we waited for Gerry and Matt to come back.

I had to sit in the front between CJ and Gerry. Now being the fucking tall bastard that I am, it was extremely uncomfortable. I don't why the fuck I sat there, I'm taller than Gerry, I need more room than him. Oh well.

Fast forward a whole lot.. to yelling at Random people in a Tim Horton's parking lot. Mike kept yelling "My vagina is fucking hairy." Or something like that. It was damn funny.

We had to meet up with Sebastien in Three Rivers. Once we found the fucking place, we went to SAW(Slam Angels Wrestling) training facility. The ring had a good sound to it. I won't comment about the way they bumped, 'cause I've never trained.

I bought a ton of tapes at the show. I bought one, that I watched a bit so far. EWR Road to Glory. The sound is absolute shit, the camera angle is really bad, far from the ring, and it's only one angle. It is a FUCKING RIP OFF. I can't even see the wrestlers faces, I can't hear the ring announcer, a lot of missed shit. Fuck I'm piss. If the other tapes I bought are poor quality(poor sound) I'll punch Wrestleholic in the fucking throat!

Steen vs Daniels was incredible. The crowd was tremedous. They were split between cheering for Daniels and cheering for Steen. Being in that crowd and watching that match.. wow. It was worth the twelve hours of driving.

The TLC Match was disguisting. Brutal. It was awesome, but really really really long. I loved it though. That Sanders fuck is nuts. Probably retarded.

I am dead tired, but it was all worth it.

Later biatches.
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