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So much to tell...


Yup, Friday was the MWF show. And it goes like this, I getout of school at 12h30 and head to Mike's place to meet him and CJ. Get there all good and proceed to give kids the time of they're lives as Uno. Fun!

We leave... stop at Tim Horton's (again CJ:| ) and get into Lachute... we end up turning in cercles to find the goddamn place. Enter the highschool, and there's Twiggy and Juan. Great guys!

Fast Foward all of that!

Notes : Darren Knife is a fag.
Damian finally knows who Player Uno is.
Trip 2 Night loves me
The MWF were class acts as CJ would say

Where into the match, and damn! People love the Twigster (it's his hometown). We all go into a dancing contest, and well... I shoulda won cauz' dammit, I owned Twiggy and Juan at dancing.
Match went real well... forgot a spot:\ but quickly covered it up! Working Juan and Eddy was great! Eddy was real easy to work with, and Juan... wish I had worked him more, cauz' we didn't get to do much.

I rate my match... a 3.5/5! A spotfest, but a good one.


Work blew the cock.


Im at the CPW arena working on stuff with Simmons... MVP is a great guy, it sucks that he's injured:(

Into the match, lots of forgotten spots... but lot of sick spots 2:|

I rate the match a 4/5. A spotfest again... no psychology, but worth it because of the sick spots...


Sunday just blatently sucked.

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