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im back

CWA Thoughts:

Tag Team Elimination Match - 2.0 VS Sweetest Thing vs Twin Terrors vs Red Hot Jimmy & Christopher Wells w/ Vanessa Kraven

it actually wasn't a cluster fuck, but the thing that was missing from the match...psychology and SELLING. it was decent and cant wait for the twin terrors to come to CPW next week.

Sunny War Cloud vs Professor Adib Mansour

as LEE said, CHOP chop chop double chop....match was bad because sunny is an old winbag with a mohawk nut

"MVP" Michael Von Payton & Misty Havens vs Hot Show & Moonlight

MVP was injured, but did very well, hot show, who was at the EWR show we all saw, did pretty good, misty did well also and it showed that moonlight was in her 2nd pro match.......although she looks nice ;)

Brick Crawford vs Paranoid Jake Mattews w/ Lollipop

Brick fucking sucks and for 40 some odd minutes, made jake mathews work as hard as he could to pull something worth watching, unfortunately Brick really bored the fuck out of me, BEER BREAK.

Lufisto vs Reno (Street fight)

no psychology, clusterfuck hardcore match.Reno is obviously not a hardcore wrestler at all and ran from a lot fo the shit he was supposed to have taken. the only thing I marked out for was the not because i havent seen any in a while, but because I broght those form Ottawa for CWA to use.......last year.

Shayne Hawk vs Jaguar

Match of the night and it only went about 4 minutes.


Vegas had a hard time doing his moves, off night i bet. it was an ok match though.

OK now for the fun stuff. started on the road when we dfrove up beside non other than bastien boogers daughter......seriously. she seemed very cool and after she wiped herself off, breahted easier.

got into town and me, rob, cj's wife, voice and lee went to harveys. Lee fucking lost it and began throwing trays at people.

went back to CWa and me, rob and cj's wife bought $7 pitchers.....then 8pm came around and it jumped to $12.50 pitchers. meh I got free beer later in the show anyway. Jag, Dean sat with us, then coach Z (cool kid) and drew carey came over and we had some fun with that. MORE BEER, then FOD came over and just came in to say hello to us, obvously very happy to see us all. well im tired, im sure we will all talk aboutt he trip this week at CPW, see you then.

later days
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